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Jai Bawa Lal Ji...

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Lists Of Lal Dwara in India

The list of Lal Dawaras in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Jammun and Kashmir, U.P. Uttranchal Pardesh and Rajisthan available so far.


1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gali No. 8, Hussain Pura, Amritsar.

2. Lal Dawara Mandir, Sanjay Gandhi Colony, Fatehgarh Churian Road, ASR.

3. Lal Dawara Mandir, Rilway Colony, Islamabad, Amritsar. (Mrs. Neelam Sharma)

4. Lal Dawara Mandir, Batala. Distt. Gurdaspur.

5. Lal Dawara Mandir, Behram Pur, Tehsil Pathankot, Gurdaspur.

6. Lal Dawara Mandir, Dhariwal, Distt. Gurdaspur.

7. Lal Dawara Mandir, V. P.O. Dasuya, Distt. Hoshiarpur.

8. Lal Dawara Mandir, V. P.O. Hariana, Distt. Hoshiarpur.

9. Lal Dawara Mandir, Railway Road, Hoshiarpur.

10. Lal Dawara mandir, Village Swamipur Bagh, Near Nangal Town Ship, Ropar.

11. Lal Dawara Mandir, Bhagat Singh, Park, Jullundur City.

12. Lal Dawara Mandir, Basti Sheikh, Jullundur.

13. Lal Dawara Mandir, Sharian Shankar, Jullundur (Known as Lal Dass Mandir)

14. Lal Dawara Mandir, Railway Road, Phillaur, Distt. Jullundur.

15. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gali No. 4, New Shivaji Nagar, Ludhiana.

16. Shri Bawa Lal Ji kutia, Ludhiana.

17. Lal Dawara Mandir, Mandigobindgarh, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib.

18. Lal Dawara Mandir, Jonian Mohalla, Faridkot.

19. Lal Dawara Mandir, c/o Raja Takies, Railway Road, Ferozepore.

20. Lal Dawara Mandir, Near Shamshan Ghat, Kapurthala.

21. Bawa Lal Dawara Temple , Shahpurkandi Township , Near VIP Rest House ,TEH, Pathankot.


1. Lal Dawara Satsangh Sabha, Kanch Ghar, Railway Band Phatik, Ambala city.

2. Lal Dawara Mandir, Near Anaj Mandi, Narian Garh, Distt. Ambala.

3. Lal Dawara Mandir, Qalindri Gate, Karnal.

4. Lal Dawara Mandir, V. & P.O. Gharounda, Distt. Karnal.

5. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gaddi Hafizabadi, Nissar Chowk, Panipat.

6. Lal Dawara Mandir, Nelokheri, Distt. Karnal.

7. Lal Dawara Mandir, Near Laylpur Colony, Kurukshetra.

8. Lal Dawara Mandir, Ambala Road, Pehowa (Distt. Kurukshetra.)

9. Lal Dawara Mandir, Jagadhri Road, Yamuna Nagar.

10. Lal Dawara Mandir, Hanuman Gate, Jagadhri.


1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Sector 40-A, Chandigarh.

2. Lal Dawara Gori Shankar Mandir Sadhu Ashram, Sector 35-B, Chandigarh.


1. Bawa Lal Dawara Mandir, Sahtia Farm, Siri Ganga Nagar.

Uttar Pardesh.

1. Shri Bawa Lal Ji Mandir, Dayal Colony, Khatoli (Distt. Muzaffarnagar)

2. Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Sewak Sabha, Near Lal Dass ka Bara, Saharanpur.

3. Lal Dawara Mandir, Rampur Road, Moradabad.

4. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Near Railway Gate, Muzafarnagar.

Jammun & Kashmir.

1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Last Mor, Jammun Tawi.

2. Lal Dawara Mandir, Guru Nanak Pura, Jammun Tawi.

3. Lal Dawara Mandir,

22 Gaddiya

Temples (Gaddian) of Shri Bawa Lal ji in India and Abroad.

After building an Gaddi (Ashram) in Shri Dhianpur Sahib (Tehsil Batala – Distt. Gurdaspur) in Punjab Shri Bawa Lal ji traveled in India and Abroad with their 22 followers (Shishyas). He trvelled Afganistan, Kashmir, Sindh, Punjab, Utter Pardesh, Madhya Pardesh, Gujrat, Nepal, and Delhi provinces of India. While traveling he established 22 Gaddi (Temples). These temples had the idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman ji, Goddess Maa Bhagwati Durga and Lord Krishna. He directed his 22 Shishyas to maintain these Gaddies (temples) in good order and run them for the welfare of mankind and for preaching the ideology of Sanatan Dharma. He appointed his 22 Shishyas in the following 22 Gaddies (Temples).:

Name of the Mahant. Place State

1. Sh. Mahant Gurmukh Dass Ji Shri Dhianpur Sahib Punjab. (Darbar Shri Bawa Lal Ji, Dhianpur (Batala) Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab)

2. Sh. Mahant Tapa Dass Ji. Datarpur. Punjab. (Thakurdwara Bawa Lal Ji Datarpur-Rampur, Haler Dist. Hoshiarpur, Punjab)

3. Sh. Mahant Ram Dass Ji. Amritsar. Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji, Santokhsar, Amritsar, Punjab)

4. Sh. Mahant Kirpa Ram Ji. Hafizabad Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Hafizabad, Dist Gujranwala, Pakistan, now shifted to Nissar Chowk, Panipat, Haryana)

5. Sh. Mahant Sewa Ram Ji. Kalanaur Town Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Kalanour, Teh. Dera Baba Nanak, Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab)

6. Sh. Mahant Jai Ram Dass Ji. Lahore Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Lahore, Pakistan)

7. Sh. Mahant Parhalad Ji. Bhikhi (Amritsar) Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Bhikhi Distt. Amritsar, Punjab)

8. Sh. Mahant Balmik Ji. Multan Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Multan, Pakistan)

9. Sh. Mahant Parmanand Ji. Chanute (Jhang) Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Chanute, Distt. Jhang, Pakistan)

10. Sh. Mahant Puran Dass Ji. Bhera (Sargodha) Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Bhera Distt. Sargodha, Pakistan, now shifted at Shahbad Markanda, Haryana)

11. Sh. Mahant Premnem Ji. Sankhatra (Gujrat) Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Sankhatra, Distt. Gujrat, Pakistan)

12. Sh. Mahant Kushal Kalyan Ji. Chomukh (Multan) Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Chomukh, Distt. Multan, Pakistan)

13. Sh. Mahant Bhagat Mukhi Ji. Domeli (Near Delhi) Delhi. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Domeli, Near Delhi)

14. Sh. Mahant Surtha Nand Ji. Delhi Delhi. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Delhi)

15. Sh. Mahant Kanshi Ram Ji. Pishawar Punjab. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji- Pishawar, Pakistan)

16. Sh. Mahant Murari Dass Ji. Giri Girnar Near Junagarh Gujrat. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Giri Girnar Distt. Junagarh, Gujarat India)

17. Sh. Mahant Jiwan Dass Ji. Surat Gujrat. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Surat, Gujarat, India)

18. Sh. Mahant Bithal Dass Ji. Ayodhia. U.P. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Ayodhiya, U. P.)

19. Sh. Mahant Rangi Ram Ji. Kashi U.P. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Asi Ghat, Benaras - U. P.)

20. Sh. Mahant Jagdish Dass Ji. Ujjain Madhya Pardesh. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh)

21. Sh. Mahant Yado Ram Ji. Gazni Afganistan. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji- Gazni, Afganistan known as Lal Peer)

22. Sh. Mahant Maluk Dass Ji. Kabul Afganistan. (Gaddi Bawa Lal Ji - Kabul, Afganistan known as Lal Peer)


There are Four places where Shri Bawa Lal Ji devout austerity for meeting the Lord Rama. These Places are Kalanur 12 miles from Dhianpur in District Gurdaspur of Punjab, Shri Dhianpur Sahib , Tehsil Batala, Distt. Gurdaspur. 3rd place is Saharanpur in U.P. According to the available record Saharanpur is a Tapodham but has not been given the status of Gaddi.

According to the Bairagi Saint parmpara every saint is supposed to spend four month of Manmas, i.e Sawan, Bhadon, Asooj and Kartika in a isolated place to getting Sidhi. Shri Bawa Lal ji following this practice used to spend these 4 month at a place named Ram Pur Haler, Tehsil Dasuya, Distt. Hoshiarpur. This place is only 50 km away from Shri Dhianpur Sahib. Thus during the span of his 300 years of life he spend about 60 years at this place.

No doubt the name of Saharanpur gaddi is not in the list of the Gaddies published by Shri Mahant Ram Saroop Dass Ji of Gaddi Hafizabadi (now in Pakistan) in his book Lal Leela. But it is very much evident that on this place Shri Bawa Lal ji changed his physical position from an old age to the age of a young one first time and Ganga Maa also from Hardawar for Saharanpur so that his beloved devotee do not have the trouble to come daily from Saharnpur to Hardwar. (Detail will be discussed in the Saharnpur chapter.) The Saharnpur ( U.P.) temple is thus have the status of Tapodham.

Thppodham are more important place in the eyes of the Sewaks.

These importance of all these places will be discussed in a different chapter.

SoMe PiC Of MaHaRaJ Ji

Bawa Lal Dyal Ji
 Dwar Shri Lal Dwara Dyanpur Dhaam


Mahant Ram Prakash Ji Mararaj

Mahant Puran Das Ji Maharaj

Lal   Dawara 
Dyanpur !!@

Shri Bawa Lal JI

Mahant Aanad Das Ji Maharaj Ji


Bawa Lal Dyal Life History

Shri 1008 Bawa Lal Dayal ji Maharaj are also known as the Paramhans Yogishwar Satguru Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj in the world.

The brief history of his life is that he was a saint who born at a Town named Kasur, District Lahore, of Punjab province of the undivided India. He was of a Kshatri varn. His sub-cost was Dhawan. His father Sh. Bhola Mal was a Patwari in the regime of Turk Emperor. The name of his respected mother was Smt. Krishna Devi.

At that time the date of births were registered either in the Hijri Era or in Bikrami Era. Muslims used to write their date of birth in Hijri Era and the Hindu were writing their date of births in Bikrami Samat. At that time the date of births were not written in Christian Era in India.

Date of Birth and Date of Death

Being a Hindu his date of birth was registered in Bikrami Era. So according to the available record Shri Bawa Lal Ji Maharaj were born on the DOOJ of Shukla Paksh, Magh Month of Bikrami Samat of 1412.

There is a difference of approximately 57 years between the Christian Era and the Bikrami Era. For example the bikrami Samat of 2062 started from 13 th April, 2005. It indicates that the difference between the two eras is approximately 57 years.

Now if we minus 57 years from the bikrami samat 1412 it comes to 1355 A.D. The Magh month (known as margshish month also) normally comes either in the end of January or in the beginning of month of February. It is thus clear that Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Ji Maharaj were born in the winter season.

The year of death of Shri Bawa Lal Ji is Kartik Shudi Dasmi of 1712 Bikrami. Similarly if we deduct 57 years from 1712 the year of death according to A.D. Era is 1655. The Kartik month normally fall in the end of month of October or in the beginning of November. This date fall 8 days after the Bhiya Dooj. Ten days after the Deepawali utsav.

The date of death is fully confirmed as this day is celeberated at Village Rampur Haler, Tehsil Dasuya, District Hoshiarpur. Moreover the Sharadh of Shri Bawa Lal ji organized at Bawa Lal Ji Gaddi, of Hafizabad now at Panipat.

Jai Bawa Lal Ji

जय श्री बाबा लाल जी a great saint who serve the life for 300 years-a saint for the cause to help the needies-help those deprived on the board of life on any subject but special mercy for those who who do not have children. जय श्री बाबा लाल जी {1412-1712}. Baba Lal Dwara Ashram was  built and named Dhyanpur by Bawa Lal ji Himself in Dhyanpur.